American Dance Center

COVID19 Policies

The health and well-being of our dancers and their families is our top priority at ADC. Thank you for your continued support as we navigate a safe return to the studio. Please read through our following policies to ensure we can do our best to flatten the curve, stay safe, and follow the current guidelines laid out by the Kansas government. 


Updated Aug, 2021


ADC Staff Safety Guidelines 

  • Zoom isn't currently available as an option for ADC Classes.

  • All ADC Teachers and Staff are fully vaccinated and will wear masks.

  • ADC Staff follows a rigorous cleaning schedule to disinfect all surfaces. 

  • ADC Teachers are trained and prepared to teach "distanced" classes where students are able to stay 6' apart for the duration of the class.


Student Safety Guidelines 

  • All ADC Students not vaccinated and/or in a class with over 15 students are required to wear a mask  (Available option at

  • 1 parent per dancer is allowed in the ADC lobby area. Masks are REQUIRED in the lobby area. We prefer students  are dropped off outside

  • Only students will be permitted to enter the studio

  • Students will enter through  the ADC front door/entryway.

  • Students are limited to 1 personal item bag that will be kept in their designated dance space inside the studio.

  • The main dressing space is open. It is now The Family Dressing Room 

  • The Handicap Bathroom is available as well 

  • We prefer that Students still come ready to dance if possible.



  • If ADC Teachers or Students are not feeling 100%, have any degree of fever, or cough etc we are requiring them to

    • Stay home, request a rapid Covid test, and schedule a makeup

  • If a dancer has been exposed to COVID19 please notify the ADC staff immediately and stay home from classes.


Student Drop-Off/Parking Lot Procedures

  • Parents may park anywhere in the parking lot. Dancers may walk in the front as usual.  

  • Parents may walk their child to the front door. Please avoid coming inside if possible.

  • No siblings allowed in the lobby


ADC Zoom Classes Are NOT Currently Available ​



  • In-studio Availability is first come first serve

  • Enrollment has gone 100% online. Please use Studio Director software to enroll for classes.



  • Please direct any questions to ADC Staff via email only. No FB/DM etc

  • We are watching the situation very closely and will make changes as needed to keep our ADC Families safe and stay inside the guidelines of the Kansas government 

ADC Disclaimer

  • We can only mitigate the risk and will do everything in our power to do so. However there is no guarantee of full protection from COVID19 in any gathering. Each family should consider their situation individually and make choices that are best for them at this time. American Dance Center and its staff accept no liability to COVID19 exposures.