2021-2022 Ballet Academy Class Schedule
Monday August 30th- Saturday May 29th

Tuition & Registration

2021-2022 ADC Schedule .png

Regular Season Schedule

 & Summer 

Regular ballet classes run for 36 weeks starting in late August and continuing to the last week of May with holidays that mirror local school districts. New students are welcome throughout the season if classes sizes permit.

All leveled dance classes, Level 2a and up, require a placement class to determine the best level for new students. All ballet classes are taught following an acclaimed syllabus to make sure that each student is introduced to concepts at the appropriate time during their development. 

For more information regarding a free trial class or to schedule a tour of the facilities-

call: 913.451.3020 

or email: jenniferjtierney@gmail.com

Age Requirements:

3.5 - Pre-Ballet I

*Age at ADC

Registration (Aug)

*4 - Pre-Ballet II

*5 -Basic Ballet

*6 - Level 1

*7 - Level 2a


Students ages 8 & Up must first take a placement class before enrolling.