Children's Program

Pre-Ballet I&II- Introduction, Coordination & Focus

Basic Ballet- The Groundwork 

Pre-Ballet is for students 3.5 - 4 yrs old. It is a structured 45min ballet class with a syllabus including ballet terminology, left/right awareness, coordination specific to ballet, and pantomime. There is a heavy focus already on transitioning well and quickly to and from each exercise so the class has excellent pace and students receive the maximum amount of exposure in the 45 minutes.

Pre-Ballet includes two Visitor Watch Weeks per regular school year.

Basic Ballet is our Kindergarten leveled ballet technique class. Perfect for both girls and boys this hour long class builds on the curriculum of the Pre-ballet syllabus with vocabulary and coordination principles as well as starts to already incorporate the structure of a Beg-Adv level ballet class; complete with several barre exercises, center exercises, traveling steps and concepts and attention to detail. Basic Ballet has one Visitor's Week in the winter and is the youngest level of the school that participates in Exams in May.

Basic Ballet is a -Once a Week- curriculum but there is an option to join our Accelerated Program at 2x a week and graduate midway through the year. For more info on this program please email:

Level 1- The Foundation

Level 1 is our 1st grade leveled ballet class. This class is unlike any other ballet class you'll find at ADC or elsewhere. It is the perfect blend of lower school and moving to the top of our Children's Program. It begins at the barre. From the time we begin in August to the time we graduate in May, the students' gain the knowledge and focus to go from doing barre work from about 5-10min to 25-30min in some classes. Many concepts and coordination principles are taught in Level 1. All lower level exercises are accomplished by the students on their own by the end of the year. We start work on rotation and more detailed oriented jump instruction. 

Level 1 students have a Visitor's Week in the winter and take Exams in May.

Level 1 is a -Once a Week- curriculum unless they are participating in our Accelerated Program -which is 2x per week. Please email with any questions about this program.

Level 2a

Level 2b

Ballet Technique 6a, 6b, & 7



Level 3, 4, & 5

Pre-Professional Program

Boys Class


Contemporary Ballet